Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q.I have already submitted a proposal to the John Templeton Foundation covering the origins of life. Should I/may I also submit a pre-proposal to the FfAME-Templeton Origins Initiative?
A.Yes, if it has been turned down by the JTF already. But it must be relevant to the guidelines of this program. This program is seeking projects that begin by identifying a problem in origins that is very difficult to solve, perhaps difficult to even approach, and then offer a way to approach it.

Q.Who will review the proposals?
A.Pre-proposals will be peer reviewed by an anonymous panel having the needed expertise.

Q.Must the lead applicant be based in the United States?
A.No. However, funds will be paid in US dollars, so we ask that the applicant or his/her organization have a bank account denominated in US dollars able to receive these funds via bank transfer.

Q.How much indirect cost (IDC) can I request?
A.A maximum of 15% of modified total direct costs may be charged to these grants, based on the John Templeton Foundation's policy on institutional overhead costs.


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